LETO 2016

LETO-2016 International Tourism Exhibition was held on 7-8 April in Yekaterinburg. Exposition occupied over 4000 square meters. Bulgaria took part in LETO-2016 as the Partner Country, besides 190 companies from 20 countries offering over 110 destinations, namely Genova, Hungary, Czech Republis, Italy, Spain, Portuguese, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Kyrgyz Republic etc. took part as well. Leading tour operators from sunny Georgia participated for the initial few years!

Among tour operators were such big companies as Natalie Tours, Tez Tour, Evroport, Dolphin, Kandagar and many others.

The priority was given to inbound tourism that’s why besides tour operators specialized in inbound tourism over 15 regions of the Russian Federation presented its tourism potential: Krasnodarsky kray, Crimea Republic, Republic of Altay, Kaliningrad region, Tyumen region, Tula region, Perm region, Tatarstan, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area and others.


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